Capture your Pet's life

iPet lets you capture anything and everything around your pet's life. Keep a diary of all the things your pet did. Collect all events around your pet like vet visits, etc. Organize your events and tasks so you won't miss anything anymore.

The My Pet view gives you a quick overview over the next upcoming events so you can be sure you won't forget anything. The flexible settings for the event list allow you to include completed events in the view or to concentrate on all unfinished ones. You can group the events by Category for a quick view.

iPet is a great app to manage and organize any aspect of your pet's life and events effectively and efficiently. The Diary lets you capture anything worth capturing. Have a blast when you look back at old diary entries and read through the good and bad, the funny and sad, the naughty and nice things your pet did.


  • My Pet view showing upcoming events
  • Fully configurable event list allowing you to view your events the way you need to see them
  • Grouping of events in task list by category, or no grouping at all
  • Infinite number of categories to group your events
  • Free text description for every event allowing you to detail information on any event
  • Keep a diary of your pet with all the good and bad, the funny and sad, the naughty and nice

iPet is a must-have app for everyone with a pet who wants to capture the events surrounding their pet's life.

iPet is brought to you by the developers of iMortgage Calculator EZ, iTipster Tip Calculator, iLoan Calculator EZ, and iTask Todo List.