iTask Todo List

Powerful and easy-to-use Task Manager and Organizer

iTask is a powerful and easy-to-use Task Manager and Organizer. It will help you organize your task and todo list and become more productive. iTask enables you to execute your tasks and todo's more efficient and on time.

The dashboard view gives you a quick overview over the next upcoming tasks and overdue tasks so you can focus on executing the tasks rather than wasting your time thinking about your upcoming tasks and todo's. The flexible settings for the task list allow you to include completed tasks in the view or to concentrate on all unfinished todo's. You can group the tasks by Category, Status, or Priority empowering you to keep on top of things.

iTask is a great Task Manager and Organizer allowing you to track your todo's in an efficient manner. Whether for private or business you need to stay on top of your tasks and iTask is the easy-to-use and powerful tool to help you with this!


  • Dashboard view showing upcoming and overdue tasks
  • Fully configurable task list allowing you to view your tasks the way you need to see them
  • Grouping of tasks in task list by category, priority, status, or no grouping at all
  • Infinite number of categories to group your tasks
  • Free text description for every task allowing you to detail information on a todo
  • Track the progress of each task

iTask is a must-have tool for everyone wanting to stay on top of their private and work lifes.

iTask is brought to you by the developers of iMortgage Calculator EZ, iTipster Tip Calculator, and iLoan Calculator EZ.