Never miss a beat

Simple and fun Calendar reminder iCalendarCountdown allows you to view yearly events and see how many days until that event you have. Never get 'surprised' anymore by an anniversary or birthday. List them in the iCalendarCountdown app and you have an instant overview what event comes up next and when.

The countdown list gives you an instant overview over all your countdowns. List the countdowns sorted by the number of days until the countdown or group them by the categories you can set up. Create your own categories to group the countdowns by.

iCalendarCountdown is a great event manager that allows you to track your upcoming events effectively. Stay on top of your events and countdowns and never miss any anniversary, birthday or holiday anymore!


  • Countdown list showing all upcoming events and how many days until they are due
  • Grouping of countdowns in list by category or no grouping
  • Infinite number of categories to group your countdowns

iCalendarCountdown is the fun app for everyone wanting to stay on top of their events.

iCalendarCountdown is brought to you by the developers of iMortgage Calculator EZ, iTipster Tip Calculator, iLoan Calculator EZ, iTask Todo List, and iPet Log and Diary.