See what the future has for you!

iFortuneCookie is a fun and quirky Fortune Cookie app. See your fortune out of more than 600 Fortune Cookies. The fortunes are as quirky and contain as many spelling errors as you usually have in a Fortune Cookie at the restaurant.

Click on the Fortune Cookies to see your fortune. Click on the fortune to go back and be able to 'crack' another cookie for the next fortune. Or, use the recipe to make Fortune Cookies at home. It's fun for all!


  • Over 600 fortunes in the Fortune Cookies
  • Fortune Cookie recipe to bake your own Fortune Cookies at home

iFortuneCookie is the fun app for everyone.

iFortuneCookie is brought to you by the developers of iMortgage Calculator EZ, iTipster Tip Calculator, iLoan Calculator EZ, iTask Task Manager, iPet Log and Diary, and iCalendarCountdown.