gekima Solutions, LLC is a leading IT consulting and implementation company. We specialize in providing solutions that benefit your business and provide rapid ROI.

Our domain knowledge covers many industries including Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Distribution. We implemented solutions that integrated with ERP systems ranging from SAP to Intuitive ERP. Our solutions drive manufacturing and distribution solutions for various small- and medium-sized businesses.

gekima Solutions - IT Strategy and Implementation and Integration Consulting

Please review our services and also check out our thinking on automation and integration leveraging IT.

About gekima Solutions LLC

gekima Solutions LLC specializes in delivering solutions for the optimization and automation of administrative business processes, including solutions to allow customers to benefit from a Performance Management environment that fosters timely execution.

gekima offers consulting and implementation services to help achieve a rapid ROI on your IS Implementation Initiatives. Please contact us if you are interested in getting a fixed-price implementation package for your IS Implementation project.